Achiel Fenneman

PhD Student

Achiel Fenneman is a Dutch native, born and raised within the general geographical region of Nijmegen. After a brief stint in the air force as an ace fighter pilot and as an astronaut for NASA, Achiel returned to civil life as a well-decorated war hero. Okay, maybe not.


Achiel’s academic background is split between behavioral psychology (BSc), (financial) economics (BSc, MSc) and to lesser degrees in artificial intelligence and cognitive neuroscience. The main focus of his research is on the role of episodic memory in value-based decision making, with a particular interest in formulating a generalized model to describe how memories can inform decisions in the highly complex nature of daily reality. 

Since Achiel is somewhat prone to distractions, he also works on a number of side-projects. The most notable of these is his work on when people decide to place their trust in algorithmic systems (or decide not to trust algorithms at all): why do I decide to place my trust in Google Maps to guide me to the correct location, and why do so many people have an iffy feeling about self-driving cars?